so the reason i met two of my closest friends is that i overheard them talking about a fanfic in the middle of our common room which coincidentally was the same fic i had stayed up till 3am the night before reading which means the bases of our friendship is smut and if that isn’t some beautiful fanfic fate then i don’t know what is. bless you fan fiction. bringing people together.


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In case nobody told you today, you are good enough.

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In ancient Asia they believed that we are bound to our soulmate by a red string of fate.

If their love was string, our love was rope.
Rope that was cast into the tempest,
it’s anchor holding strong as the tiny sailboat rises and falls,
battered against the monsoon.

We would argue,
searing words like waves would crash over us,
but when the morning sun rose and the sea was calm,
we would pick up the pieces of our voyage,
still held together by a strong red rope.



+Which WIP should I finish first?



Lol, first, I’m sorry if I alerted your tag and you thought this was an update. /o\

But lately I’ve felt disheartened because I have all these WIPs and none of them are finished, and I kept thinking, “Why did I start so many? I should have just…



I’ve always been a fat girl, I was a fat girl, I’m a fat woman. And my Dad saw me going out to a party once, and I was wearing hot pants, purple hot pants, really ill advised. And I was about to leave the house, and my dad saw me, so he called me in and asked me to sit down.

And I thought, “Euh, I’m going to get ‘The Talk’ now, the “get home early” talk.

But he said, “Okay, you’re wearing very short shorts”, and I said, “Yeah, that’s what you do”, like ‘you’re the fool’.

And he said: “Yeah, well, wearing those shorts they way you are is going to attract a lot of attention, from a lot of men.” So that slightly dumbfounded me. And then he said, “Listen, you deserve all of that attention, because you are a beautiful princess. You are the most beautiful girl at that party and you deserve that attention. But, because you are the most beautiful girl there, you must the choose the right boy. Do not give your attention to the wrong boy.

And never, never, think yourself other than absolutely fantastic.

So I went out that night feeling like a Queen, and I didn’t talk to any boys, because they didn’t deserve me.

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